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Silvestre - 18 May 19:49

Does anyone think that sexuality is too abstract to explain? Everyone keeps trying and they add more letters, but I'm sure there are too many variations to include every specification. We always try to group people into categories in an attempt to know ourselves and others better, but when there isn't a category for us we feel like we don't fit in. Maybe there will never be enough classifications to explain someone's sexuality and we should instead focus on accepting that there is a spectrum.

Rochlin - 4 November 23:16

Circumcision persists east of the Rockies, because millions of parents fear that an intact son will face ridicule in the locker room, and rejection in the bedroom when he starts dating. Your typical American mother has never been intimate with an intact male. Your typical American father has never seen foreskin in the locker room, except on Latinos and immigrants. Hence they don't want to be reminded of foreskin every time they change son's diaper or give him a bath.

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